Although Pharmaxx Medical, Inc. was founded only in May of 2020, its parent company, Pharmaxx, Inc. has been in pharmaceutical industry for almost 30 years in Southern California. Now Pharmaxx Medical, Inc. has been actively involved in marketing its own US made personal protective equipment (PPE) items. Cosmetics and food supplement will be our next steps in development

B2B platform is one of major features for Pharmaxx Medical. Now it is operated as factory outlet in PPE supply for thousands of small businesses such as dental offices, nail shops, small offices and so on. Our customers should get great experience in getting their PPE items. Never worry about small orders. Unlike food supplement and cosmetics, PPE is very much needed during pandemic period. Cutting unnecessary cost will help many small businesses overcome such hard situation. Pharmaxx Medical would like to support them through this difficult period.

Our FDA registered facility is located at city of Murrieta in California, USA and ready to produce PPE items, cosmetics, and food supplement. With 30-year experience in pharmaceutical business, we can provide good quality products. And we also will have seasonal sales available on regular bases. For more information, please send your request to .